This Weekend’s Gigs-Sept. 12-14th, 2014

Published on September 12, 2014

This is your weekend gig update from FR&BT World Headquarters…

Tonight and tomorrow, we’re at The Fishermans Shack (4519 Old Dixie Hwy., Hudson, FL) from 8-12 pm. Join myself, Samuel Mudd on bass, and “G Force” James Goncalo on drums and vocals, as we rock the blues for you!!! we might have a few guests as well, so you never know what will happen!!!

Sunday, I’m playing solo at Hernando Beach Tropical Grille (4139 Shoal Line Blvd., Hernando Beach, FL) from 3-7 pm-it will be my last solo performance before the Suncoast Blues Challenge next week, so you KNOW I’m going to lay it down!!

Hope to see your smiling face this weekend!

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This Weekend’s Gigs-Sept. 6-7th, 2014

Published on September 05, 2014

Alrighty, it’s time once again for the weekend gig update!

Saturday, we’re at the Upper Deck Sportsbar (5386 Darlene St., Weeki Wachee, FL) from 8-12 pm, with Victor Bering on bass and Jim Mackey on drums… bring your dancing shoes, as we rock the blues for you!

Sunday is a double-first, I’m playing solo at the Museum Cafe (10466 W. Yulee Dr. Homosassa, FL) in a fundraiser for Susan Mitchell, former president of the Nature Coast Friends Of The Blues-I’ll be starting off at 12 Noon, followed by the Cool Corporate Cats and many others! $10 donation recommended

Later Sunday, we’re back at The Cove Oyster Bar (6438 Clark St., Hudson, FL) from 4-8 pm (weather permitting) once again with Victor Bering and Jim Mackey as the rhythm section.

Edit: Due to Victor being stuck out of town, Sam Mudd will be playing bass with us this weekend.

Hope to see you this weekend!

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Published on September 02, 2014

Yep, it’s about time (or is that REALLY overdue?!?!) If you’d like to get an e-mail newsletter (about once a month or so-I don’t think I can write that much!) Just enter your e-mail below-once entered, you’ll be asked to confirm it in your e-mail, so no one can try to slide you in without you knowing… and NO, there will be no SPAM, and I won’t sell, lend or rent this list-EVER!!!

Thanks once again for your continued support!!!

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This Weekend’s Gigs-Aug. 22-24, 2014

Published on August 22, 2014

Man, we’ve got a busy weekend ahead!!!

Tonight, it’s the band at Our Springerssaloon (6408 Rowan Rd., New Port Richey, FL) with David Simmons on drums and Victor Bering holding down the bass duties-7-11 pm, so it’s not too late!!!

Tomorrow, I’m playing solo at Hernando Beach Tropical Grille (4139 Shoal Line Rd., Hernando Beach, FL) from 4-8pm-great place to stop for dinner, or to start your evening off right!!

Sunday, I’ll be leading the acoustic jam at the Suncoast Blues Society Beach Bash!!! The music gets underway about 1pm, and goes till we can’t play any more!!! It’s held at the Lions Club (9300 West Gulf Blvd., Treasure Island, FL). You do have to be a member (or know one) of the SBS to get in, and a covered dish is much appreciated!

Hope to see you somewhere this weekend!!!

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This Weekend’s Gigs-Aug. 16th 2014

Published on August 15, 2014


And now, your weekly gig update, brought to you by Blue Chihuahua Records…

Nothing tonight (thank goodness due to the rain!) but tomorrow (Aug. 16th) sure makes up for it- I’m playing solo at the Palm Harbor Public Library (2330 Nebraska Ave., Palm Harbor, FL) from 2:30-4:30 pm… then… I zoom up to The Crab Shack (5430 Baylea Ave., Port Richey) to play with the band (Don Cox on bass, David Simmons on drums) from 6-10 pm!! So if you’re really adventurous, you can get a double dose of blues from the Boxcar Tourist!!! Hope to see you there!

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Fall Festivals Are Happening!!!

Published on August 08, 2014

Alrighty, now I can make a couple announcements!!!

First off, there’s a few festivals coming up- the band is playing Hernando’s Lake House Bluesfest again this year, on November 15th!!! With Damon Fowler topping the lineup, this is gonna be a real barn-burner for sure!!!

Couple fests that I’ll be playing my solo acoustic blues- October 4th, I’ll be heading up to Camden, SC to play in the Carolina Downhome Blues Festival!!! Most likely will be playing another gig or 2 on the way up there, so look out Georgia and the Carolinas!

The other fest is a little closer to home-Artoberfest in Oveido, FL on October 19th-again should be lots of fun!!!

Hope to see all of you real soon!!!

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This Weekend’s Gigs-Aug. 8-9, 2014

Published on August 08, 2014

Hmm, it’s Friday… must mean it’s time for the Weekend Gig Update!

This weekend, it’s a SHAK ATTACK!!! (Not to be confused with Sharknado 2 or Shark Week!!!) Yep, back at Fishermans Shack (4519 Old Dixie Hwy, Hudson, FL) for both Friday AND Saturday nights! Join myself, David Simmons on Drums, on bass we have Don Cox (Friday) and Donny Kuryliw (Saturday) as we rock the blues for youse! Of course, you never know who might come and sit in as well… See ya there!!!

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This Saturday’s Gig-International Blues Music Day!!!

Published on July 31, 2014



Yep we’re celebrating International Blues Music Day (August 2nd, 2014) by doing what we do best-playing live blues!!! We’re at a new place for us this Saturday, the Cove Oyster Bar (6438 Clark St., Hudson, FL) from 6-10 pm. Join myself on guitar and vocals, Victor Bering on bass, and Jim Mackey on drums as we rock the blues for youse!! See you there, and bring your dancing shoes!!!

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Another cool review for “Ride The Iron Road”!

Published on June 19, 2014

This just in…

The last time that Franc Robert showed his acoustic side was on 2011′s well received Why Do I Ever Win. Since then Franc has issued Mulligan Stew in 2012, and now he returns to his acoustic side with Ride The Iron Road, on Blue Chihuahua Records. At 41 minutes Ride The Iron Road shows off 11 originals and three traditional blues cuts.

As an acoustic set, the simplicity of the presentation really adds to the impact of the music, with only Franc and his guitar(s) painting vivid images, as this Florida native is so talented at doing. The sound is clear and unadorned, allowing the music to stand on its own merit. While very satisfying all the way through, we found a few selections particularly interesting.

“Chihuahua Blues” reminded us a lot of “Rambling On My Mind,” in a pleasing way, and “Dem Devil Bones” is a brisk paced George Thorogood inspired acoustic romp that will have listeners slapping their knees to the beat. “Mississippi On My Mind” is simply great picking, superbly played. “Railroad Blues” is fast paced pickin’ and slidin’ fun. “St. James Infirmary Blues” is a really interesting performance, presented here as a shuffle, and almost upbeat.

Ride The Iron Road is an album best enjoyed when listeners want a break form the loud brashness of an electric blues set, and instead want to enjoy a more quiet and intimate blues experience.

Barry Kerzner, American Blues Scene

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Another STELLAR review of “Ride The Iron Road”!!!

Published on May 29, 2014

Just got another STELLAR review-this time in Blues Blast Magazine!!!

” Hailing from Florida’s West Coast, Franc Robert offers up 11 original songs and 3 covers in this very traditional acoustic blues album. His finger picking and guitar work are superb. It’s just him and his guitar here as Robert bares it all in this production.

I found the guitar playing to be very solid and well done. His original songs are a breath of fresh air. Good topics, lyrics that are well thought out and, well, lyrical, and well-constructed. There are some very impressive new songs here that are outstanding. Robert also has an interesting approach to his vocals. He is sort of breathy and works at getting an old time, authentic sound. He sings predominantly though his head and one can almost hear his sinuses resonate as he gasps and wails out the lyrics. It’s a little odd at first but it grew on me!

The covers are St. James Infirmary, Mississippi Blues and Railroad Blues. The covers are pretty much straight up renditions of the traditional songs. He infuses his vocal style on all three; his voice begins to sound almost desperate with his breathy and interesting style here on the covers and on the originals. He shows he can play these tunes with the best of them on these covers.

I really preferred the original songs. The opening cut “Honey What’s Wrong” evokes the style of early Delta masters like Son House. He does this song orally, accompanied only with hand claps in a very old and cool style. The slide work on the title track that follows this is a stark contrast to the bare opening number and he plays his heart out. “Chihuahua Blues” is a somewhat humorous take on a song that reminded me of Robert Johnson. The next two cuts “These Low Down Blues” and “Dem Devil Bones”have a much more modern sound (perhaps the 50s and 60’s) have a more modern sound. “Mississippi On My Mind” and “Tax Time Blues” are more traditional; I enjoyed the latter statement on the IRS. “Travellin’ Bluesman” is a little more modernistic but “Treat Me Right” and “Never Felt More Alone” return back to the Delta. The closer, “Sunday Morning,” is a beautiful and inspirational slow finger picking instrumental that is just a joy.

I enjoyed Franc Roberts guitar work and his vocals grew on me after a few listens. He’s working to present his music in an authentic style. He’s written some excellent new songs and I think he’s got something here that acoustic fans will enjoy.”

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